Clearwater Beach Traffic and Memorial Causeway Live Traffic Cam

 The Clearwater Beach Webcams courtesy of Neuvision

Clearwater Beach Webcams and Traffic Cams

Opal Sands Webcam Clearwater Beach 

Realtime traffic coming and going to Clearwater Beach.  Check this site to know how bad traffic really is.

This Camera is down for the next few weeks
The painting crew cut all of our wires and we are working with the building to get on the roof to rewire


To keep this stream running, any type of donation would be gratefully appreciated.
Since this is a popular webcam, the cost to maintain and operate has substantially increased
over the years and the streaming bandwidth is expensive since we stream at high quality.

PayPal Donation Link



To view other beach cams on our coast click here




Neuvision Inc.
PO Box 1332
Clearwater, Florida.33757
Tel:  727-230-0123
Fax:  727-489-9313


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